Emails From My Mother II

Sometimes I think that if I rearranged the formatting of some of my mom’s emails, I could create poetry:


It is very warm…
Outside there is a nice breeze.
You should see the Mayan calendar cement walkway
Gass and his brother made.
Later they will add color.
(I think they shouldn’t color it because
the color will come off
I’ll try to send pictures.
It took a while because we stopped for lunch
and the grocery store…
When we got to the house, I had to get stuff
out of my suitcase,
went to look at the boathouse,
take pictures…
and I just gave them the name Glyphs.
I was showing him the online book I printed out
on Writing Mayan Glyphs.
We were talking
and now
I’m eating some pasta salad.

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